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Why I choose to be brafree

Article by Terri

Hello everyone, my name is Terri and I would like to share an opinion and some facts with you. We, since birth, have been taught to hide our bodies, in particular, the breast. We have been so indoctrinated, that we women have come to accept as fact, what others think we should or should not do, specifically being braless, and/or choosing to be topless. Our breasts are not only ours, but they are a thing of beauty, and things of beauty should not, and must not be hidden from view. No longer will any man or woman tell us what is proper for us. What is proper, is what we as an individual believe. I choose to believe that being brafree allows me to be comfortable, and natural.

Wearing a bra not only cause me to be irritable, but it hurts, causes me to sweat, and prohibits me from I enjoy the freedom of feeling my breasts sway and bounce when I am at work, church, the gym, shopping, wherever. And why not? Are we as women in America STILL considered second class citizens because a man can remove his shirt but we cannot? Yes we are considered as such, and unless and until we women make a public outcry for total equality by being afforded the right to choose without reprecussions, this shall continue.

Even some workplaces frown on a woman being bra free. Why? If it is truly a professional enviroment, then my breasts should not be even a topic of conversation or concern. Yes, let us choose the right to an abortion, and seek political office, but to be bra free or topless is something America needs to get over and soon. In Europe, and in South America,women have been bra free and topless since the beginning of time. At last look, there were no riots or protests, their kids seem to be just fine, and these women are treated with respect as they should be.

I do enjoy, I will admit, shopping or any other activity I partake in, where I get looks and stares, from men and women alike. And yes, some of the blouses and shirts I choose to wear are of fabric that my nipples are very visible. And? Listen people, they are breasts, and that's all. I do like being looked at when it is apparent I am braless, but what woman doesn't like men to look at her? As for being topless, if my husband Ron can remove his shirt at the beach, in our yard, or in our pool, so will I.

How does he feel about that and the fact that I am brales about 97% of the time? Just ask him, as he already wrote here. He backs me totally, and he should. I suffer from the heat as much as anyone does, if not more so.

Why then does society demand I hide my breasts and again, be uncomfortable with a bathing suit top on? Because it goes back to what I mentioned previously...women are STILL considered by many to be second class citizens. Oh we fight in the military, but we can't remove our tops. As for me, I'll be next to my husband, braless, and every time he removes his top, so will I.

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