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Says Anonymous (email)

Bras never fit me properly! I have to wear them or else my boobs are sore from wobbling around too much. I can't even go jogging without wearing a bra and a sports bra on top of that. I am a 32F if you are wondering. The weight of my breasts cause the band to stretch out and ride up my back. The next thing you know my breasts are hanging out of the bottom of my bra! This is extremely uncomfortable. I have over 30 bras and none of them fit properly. I am so frustrated with bras!

Says Claire (email)

I can never find one that fits probably.The straps always feel too loose or too tight on my shoulders and over all i feel very constricted wearing one.

Says Natalie (email)

My shoulders hurt, my neck hurts, I get hot! bras pull them in unnatural directions! i get little red spots from heat rashes. I have flared ribs that stick up and out and the underwires hurt when they dig into my bones.
Says Anonymous (email)

I feel so much better when i dont wear a bra,the straps hurt,they cut into my back,and its such a pain finding one,sometimes i do wear a bra like when i go out n public,cuz I just feel kinda weird i think people just looking at me and saying to them selves ewwww y isnt she wearing a bra? but I really dont care I love the feeling! its sooooo compfy.

Says Root (email)

When I first got boobs and started wearing a bra when I was 11, my dad made fun of me all the time and call them my "lump-covers" so I stopped wearing them and never got used to it. I have small breasts that stay up on their own and I have never found a comfortable bra, and I never will and I gave up a long time ago. My problem is that my nips are HUGE! and I can wear two camis and a velour coat and they still stick out- so I buy the reusable silicon stick-on petals. They're great for hiding my headlights, but there are a few drawbacks. You can only wear them so many times before you have to get new ones. In the winter, if you get cold, your nips will get a bit sore from tryint to poke out (I suppose if you are lucky enough to have little nips it wouldn't be so bad.) Also, if you live in a hot place, they smell like major BO in the summer when you take them off and are covered with sweat. Otherwise, They're great!

Says Julie (email)

I, like many others HATE BRAS! It seems it doesnt matter if the bra is underwire or not, my actual rib cage becomes sore. And trust me im not buying a size too small. I'll try one on and it will feel tolerable,sometimes borderline comfortable,and after a week,my back is killing me. I wear a 38D and my frame is too small for the size of these things. Ive opt for breast reduction,but Ive heard horror stories. Too bad I wasnt around in the hippie days,such is life,thank God for icy hot gel and ibuprofen.

Says Lulu (email)

I hate them because they say breasts need to be supported, high, hard... this is unnatural and real women have breasts that move around and sometimes flop in different directions. i used to get very sore breasts from PMS and after getting rid of my bras (B cup, in case anyone wondered), ive found that the soreness has gone done drastically. If you want to go braless without showing your nipples through, buy a bikini top, take out the foam inserts, and put them in your camisole. works like a charm, and soooo comfy

Says Anonymous

OMG... great discussion... aside from itch, ride up/down, underwire poking into the ribs and other factors already mentioned, the breast cancer connection and fibrocystic connections are only too obvious to anyone who cares to read about them and very scary. I was afraid of the sag factor, being a "big" girl myself (and yes, I've had fittings before too, doesn't matter), but I too am finding that it's not such a big deal, and going without is easier on my back, neck, etc. (I like that rubber band on the popsicle stick analogy some guy posted!) As far as nipples showing... honestly, it doesn't make a damn bit of difference what I wear, mine will show regardless... all that breast petals and bandaid talk, that would never work for me. They will pop up through bra, shirt, jacket, whatever - even all three, usually due to cold - but also from irritating annoying BRAS! 99% of the time if they are erect it's the air conditioning damnit, not cause I'm glad to see anyone and not cause of being turned on in any way. Still in the process of learning to live fully without them on weekends and after work and in situations (Even in public, shopping or whatever) where I can wear a fleece vest or whatever and easily hide what I'm not wearing. In years past, when dealing with particularly painful PMS breast episode (those are gone now) or fear of a lump that showed up (was benign) I tried no bra at work a bit a few times for health benefit. It was pretty weird for me - I was very self-conscious and wasn't able to stick with it then, even with a couple layers on and bulky sweater, there was actually less nipple poking, but I was very conscious of every breast sway and movement under my clothes. I know I have seen men at work, including my boss, sneak a peek "there" once or twice, albeit all very discreetly, we have very strict rules about harassment where I work. I know it was not because I wasn't wearing a bra, but probably just cause my nips do their own thing. But, meanwhile, every mannequin around downtown stores in my area had extra high beams on them everywhere last year - and I'm supposed to worry about a little bump or paste mine down with duck tape? Good grief. Furthermore, at least one website I've seen on preventing breast cancer advocates a couple minutes of nipple stimulation at least every couple days along with lymphatic massage and letting them rise and fall as they will, not all this restrictive b.s. of keeping them pasted down at all costs. I'm making a decision today to start working toward more bralessness than not, even at work. It should be easy enough in winter, so bulky anyway.

Says Amanda (email)

Wow! I love hearing about every one else having the same problems I have. I just spent $90 on 3 bras I thought would "do". Yah they did me bad all day! One has the wire almost coming through alraedy and I got that signature sore under the armpit. I so freakin hate bras. I truly believe God is not a female- or maybe bras were thought up by men. I would be okay with my boobs just falling off. My husband disagrees. Why do they love our boobs so much? I could have had 100 or more boob jobs for what I have spent on bras. In fact, that is what I am opting for. I want them smaller (I am 38DD now) and firm enough not to have to wear a g*&&%^!!!d&!@#@&%!!#$%$ bra. And if they start to sag again I'll go have them redone. I breast fed two children because it is suppose to be so much better for the baby. Okay, So what about the mother? If the state and government push for mothers to breastfeed then they should also pay for boob jobs after! I am miserable. I dread starting the day because I hate bras so much. They can ruin your whole day and make you grouchy. The first thing I do when I get in the car after work- take the damn thing off! Has any one out there had a boob job ? and if so do you still wear a bra and if you do are they comfortable now?

Says Jazz (email)

They make my heartburn worse because of the tightness...they are the most uncomfortable things....it feels good to be free...Unfortunately because of our society....when one is larger chested 46DD, there arent many alternatives....unless you like men staring at your chest all day...which I don't. What is out there that would keep these size girls a little more stable other than a bra?

Says Anonymous

I have itty bitty titties!!! I love my itty bitty titties and I don't care to coop them up. I found this site because I'm trying to find some yoga tops that don't have built in bras. So pleased to find this site with lots of women who don't care about wearing bras. I've been watching a lot of fashion/makeover shows lately, and one of the first things they do when they makeover a woman is to get her a bra fitting so "the girls" will "stand up straight." Screw that...

Says Anonymous

My friend lisa got breat cancer from it becuase it always used to dig in her boobs and her armpits. it stopped circulating the blood. now she has gone completely BRA-FREE! she is getting better now the bra is in the bin!

Says Trinade (email)

I know this sounds manish, but I hate having breasts, mainly due to bras. i never wore one until my thirties. I had to because of working around others. i hated bras long before i had to or was pressured at work to wear one. Women spend too much time worrying about what others think and not enough time enjoying our lives. i think men like it this way. other women donít help and can be just as pressuring if not worse than men. Why are we electing to be hostages and slaves in our own bodies? Burn the damn slave harnesses !! refuse to buy them!

Says LaTonya(email)

The underwire digs into my skin under my breast and irritates it and I can never seem to find a bra that comfortable to wear since after breast feeding they become saggy. It seems that bras are more harm and pain to wear than good to wear.

Says Anonymous

I'm small-chested and I have about two bras that fit comfortably. That is, they don't leave any gaps and don't hurt too much. It's irritating and depressing to see perfect models with perfect C cups wearing perfect bras yet never being able to have that perfectly fitting bra myself. I remember a couple of years ago even my own mother picked on my breasts by calling them 'fried eggs'

Says Anonymous

Im a 44DD and I despise bras and have for many many years. Ya they're saggy but it feels good. I cannot tolerate the feel of that tight bra around my torso, makes me shudder to think of it. I wear undershirts or overshirts and put the vile thing on only when I absolutely have to and for a very short time. Men invented bras just like they invented the slaughter and consumption of sentient beings. GO BRAFREE AND VEGAN!!!

Says Anonymous

I hate wearing bras because they dig into my armpits and leave chaffe marks under my breast. I can never find a bra that the straps don't constantly fall off of my shoulders. I just spent 8 bucks a piece on some walmart brand bras and they pretty much fit perfect but I feel so relieved and open when I take them off. I am a 38b but I dont understand you women who say you never wear bras. I could never go in public knowing my breast are sagging down and my nipples are hard walking around young children and families. It is a natural thing but it is also natural for a man to have a hard penis but I would be offended if a man walked around with his cock sticking out just because it part of nature. there are some things that should be allowed in a culture and some that should not. we are not heathens and women should find respect in themelves and others to cover up their private parts.

Says Anonymous

Arrrrrgh!!! I hate them! Vile things they are. I never find the right fit, they're always uncomfortbable and even if I do find one that remotely fits me (I'm not THAT big) it looks so unappealing. I think I've tried almost everything from the cheap ones to the expensive ones and still..no luck, they suck. Either the material is awful or the straps hurt or the wire ends up coming out and poking me in armpit.. too tight..too loose.. I hate them!

Says Anonymous

I just cant wear them im spent tens of pound hoping i will find a comfortable fitting bra im an AA-A so im small chested i just cant deal with the elastick and the feeling that the bra is gaping. but the thing is everyone else at school wears a bra and i dont i get teribly uncofortable itchy and i just dont no what to do as ive got to the part where ive frown all of my bras away. my friends can cope. and the only way i can cope with a bra in putting it over a vest top and then i just look stupid. espesially in gym i mean people can see and i cant affort a p.e jumper. my nipples are like points im just scared someone will saysomething to me. and i feel so un normal not to wear a bra as everyone else does.

Says Anonymous

I hate wearing bras because I live in Texas where it's very warm, and I'm a college student so I walk a lot every day. Whenever I come home, I realize that I feel all sweaty and disgusting ONLY under my back bra strap and it's so gross. I also hate when the straps slip down your shoulders and you have to pull them up. The only time I'm grateful for a bra is when my breasts are sore from PMS and I don't want them to bounce around, but sometimes it feels better to be without one even then. Right now I wear bras pretty much all the time in public, but take them off as soon as I get home. I've gotten to hate putting them on to go places!

Says Anonymous

I haven't worn a bra for 5 years, except for a handful of days a years for 'social' reasons. I never liked wearing them when I did. They have always been uncomfortable and never really supported my breasts. If fact, my breasts somewhat supported the bras! I'm a 36A (although more likely a 36AA as I never really filled the cup) and everytime I'd lift my arms, the bra band, with or without underwire, would rise up over my breasts, leaving me to try to discreetly pull the bra back in place. And there was also the fact that the bra band would just squeeze me, adding to the constant discomfort. I hate bras and I'm so much happier, and more comfortable without one.

Says Melissa Blair(email)

THEY ARE majorly uncomfortable.. I cant have a good time when I wear 1 coz I am just concerntrating on how annoying & uncomfortable they are. I dont wear 1 99% of the time, but deep down I want to, I feel I restrict myself & hold back & miss out on a lot of fun coz I do feel uncomfortable not wearing 1 & dont want any1 else to know, so I only go places where I can wear tops that no 1 can notice - like jumpers. Im not small chested, but not big, Im just average.. I just want to feel normal & not have to worry about having to wear a bra, I see all these other chicks that can wear them without a worry in the world.. it makes me feel wierd and depressed, why are they so uncomfortable for me... will i ever get past this? how can i help myself? I need to find an answer..

Says Anonymous(email)

I hate bras because I've been pinched and squeezed by them for nearly twenty years. I was ten years old when I started wearing a bra and I've tried on hundreds of different bras over the years and NONE of them has been truly comfortable. Some are worse than others but they all pull my shoulders forward, hurt my back, and dig into various places, depending on the bra. I have just today started my experiment of going bra free.

Says Anonymous

They are terribly uncomfortable! My back and the circumference underneath the breasts (where the support is located) hurt daily, unless when I'm at home and braless. I wish I could go about without having to wear one outside but I can't seem to muster up the courage to do so. I have a 36C-34D chest which varies when wearing different sorts of bras. Like many here, I have invested in bras costing as little as $10 to as much as $100 with no avail, relief from bras is at 0%! Friends have suggested European brands averaging $300 a bra and I do admit balking at their suggestions. If $100 bras won't do it, I doubt a $300 would be any different aside from the price. So bras are a risky business. Cancer, upper chest and back pain, and of course the billions of dollars consumers spend yearly... With the odds, you would think all females should be going about without one and it's everybody's conception of society that prevents us from doing so. I, for one, would love to walk out of the house one day bra-&-worry-free. Though, for the time being, I'll research a little more on those support soft camisoles I've read about above. :)

Says Ztlfire (email)

It feels so unnatural and painful at times. I loath bras but can't go around without wearing one simply because it obvious that I'm not wearing one *gasp* heaven forbid! I genuinely feel that bras really don't do much except when going through any kinds of sports other than that it's just wrong but what's worse is the mentality of most who can tell if a woman is wearing a bra or not. Um, excuse me but why are you even looking that closely to that particular area to begin with? It's all just another way of enhancing a womans discomfort and instead of "improving" the designs of bra why can the fashion industry just find ways of using certain padding for their tops that simply cover a womans breasts without actually having to strap this torture on day in and out? I'm sure there are ways of doing it, it would make alot of women happier I'm sure.

Says Joallove (email)

If somebody could invent a cup that holds like the palms of your hands that has no straps on shoulders or back and no sticky glue like substance that you have to deal with I would totally wear that. Why can't somebody come up with that? I personally don't like wearing them because I am very broad and when my breast are up high in a bra I look even broader. I also feel constricted

Says MRKSGRL(email)

I hate wearing bra cause they all itch. underneath and in back! I've been looking for one for yrs, still havn't found one i like or can wear.

Says Anonymous (email)

if we all carried tasers then we could go around without bras on and the men would only stare at our nipples the once. why are women still enslaved by expectations? i see so many women enthusing how much they hate their bras, but they still wear them. i never wear one, haven't since the bra burning days. i had human resources take my boss aside at my last job and caution her to make me behave. "did you know she's not wearing a brassiere?" she asked my boss, horrified. my boss, bless her, asked the human resources cop if bras were mentioned in the dress code, and that shut her up. what i hate is the pressures to conform, to not show your nipples, as if women were tempting men to lewd action by being identifiably female. this is blaming the victim, and one of the reasons women are so mad about having to wear bras is that there's so much implied blame in it. we're blamed for having breasts. and these devices are to harness, repress and restrain the features that make us most different from men. we're supposed to hide our nipples, and to pretend we don't have breasts. as a woman with a mastectomy, my temptation is very great to design a shirt that only covers the one breast, and go out with my scar exposed to the world. since i'm not displaying a nipple, they can't arrest me. imagine the stir that would cause.

Says Anonymous

They are so stinking annoying! I don't care why my mom wanted me to wear one, but she said "Did you wear a b-- today?" cuz she never says bra cuz i flip out. I always reply proudly "No." she is going to start forcing me to put that torture mechanism on if I'm to wear one. I don't know if it's true about the breast cancer thing or anything. but i do know that it's extremely uncomfortable. i hate bras and i'm proud of it!

Says Ebwthordak (email)

I hate wearing bras because I have sensitive nipples and they make them sore and itch when I'm wearing one. I'm a 34C cup and I prefer to go without one, unless I'm at work, when I get home, I just take it off. I have no problem walking down the street without a bra, even if men make degrading remarks. I just ignore them. I like my breasts, I have no problem going without a bra. In my opinion, breasts are natural.

Says Anonymous

They make my breasts hurt! Also if you watch the travel channel the women in different countries never wear bras they probably don't even know what one is, and their boobs are perfectly normal and aren't saggy(even if they do have kids). I feel like the use of bras are ruining our natural shape. Wearing a bra has never helped me it hurt me!

Says Sepik (email)

It is an unnecessary piece unless someone's got huuuuuuuge breasts and it becomes uncomfortable to carry them.

Says Anonymous (email)

I am 50 years old and have never worn a comfortable bra. I have always been larger busted but as I've gotten older, my breasts are saggy. At size 40D, I've purchased bra's from specialty shops, medical catalogs, department stores, and the like, for many years. Not only have I wasted money (up to $54.00 each to as little as $4.00), but spent way too much time looking for a good bra. Needless to say, I've tried to concoct my own or alter brands to fit comfortably, but to no avail. I am so frustrated and tired of this. Today, I just could not take it anymore. I went to the internet and typed a sentence about my dislike of purchasing and wearing bra\'s and to my surprise, I was not alone. I truly am shocked at this!!! I really do not feel good wearing a bra but I need an alternative; I work in a high school environment and am not small enough or young enough to go without some type of support. I wear casual attire and usually a collared buttoned shirt/blouse.I've tried sports bra's (neckache), camisoles, even a tank top UNDER a bra, for comfort and nothing feels or looks right. It is a shame really, that we women cannot just give up this silly bra ritual and spent time enjoying our lives in comfort and self confidence. Life is too short, by golly!

Says Pombly (email)

They are so uncomfortable and give me dreadful back and rib pain! I am in my early 30s, normally a 34B and wear comfy little vest-tops - instead of very uncomfortable ill-fitting bras - as they are all the support i need. I have been professionally 'fitted' on many occasions yet never found a well-fitting, comfortable bra! However, i am now pregnant for the first time and have found that i really need the extra cup-support that a bra provides. So i am wearing one - i am sitting here today at my work desk and in such pain that i actually tapped 'HATE BRAS' into google, and i found this website. Now i have covertly undone my clasp and shared my pain with the world.... Bras indeed suck, and nothing will ever change my mind!!

Says Anonymous

They give me red marks, make my nipples itch and made my breasts lumpy from them not being able to drain. The worst part is I think they have gotten worse in the last year ever since I did two things. One, purchase a minimizing bra and two, started sleeping in my bras. I'd put on a few pounds and the girls got a bit bigger so hence the minimizing bra, the sleeping in them part was caused by laziness and the fact that I forgot to switch from nighttime tank to bra in the morning. That day was legendary at work because my mostly male staff was looking at me like a woman instead of one of the guys like they usually do. Too funny. They better get used to it, I'm donating my underwire bras to charity and going to stretchy sport type bras or body shaping camisoles. These babies need to breathe. I can't believe how stupid I've been, I mean I do yoga poses done to increase lymphatic drainage and circulation, and my boobs have been locked down out of the circulation equation for a long time. No wonder I've got knots in my boobs. You know even my hubbie agrees, we've been together for thirteen years this Novemember and he can remember when the only time I stopped him from boobie grabbing was premenstrual. Not for the last few years. I honestly feel bad, it was so gradual I didn't realize it because I'd gotten so used to the pain. Now for my search for the perfect support cami, lightly supportive but not binding or crushing...Ahhhhhh

Says Anonymous

I have never liked wearing bras and had always thought that there was something wrong with me because i seemed to be the only person i knew that had a tight bra that jabs and rides up your back. i have been professionally fitted several times, but i just cant stand wearing wire bras. any chance i get, and i would say around 90% of the time, i go bra free. i am 24 and i have small breasts that dont sag, so i can get away with it. the only time i do wear a bra, is when i go to work in the mornings, then it comes straight off when i get home. mind you, wouldnt really call it a bra, it is more of a crop top. other than that, i dont wear them, cant stand them, wish they never existed.

Says Jackson (email)

I personaly feel that women dont need them and in most cases can do more harm than good ALTHOUGH in cases where there is a medical reason or something of the sort that is a diffrent story all together diffrent. I can also understand that women dont there breast milk to stain there clothes I am sure there is something on the market that cover the nipple of the breast yet will be comfortable.

Says Eric(email)

Unlike many people here, I do not hate bras. I am also, as one may think to be unsurprising, male. I do not believe there's anything inherently wrong with the garment itself - people have the right to choose what they wear. It is from this that my problem comes from - the majority of women do not choose. Having recently piqued my interest, I did some basic research into the matter, and have concluded that in the vast majority of cases, women wear bras for one of two reasons: either because society expects them to, or in the case of the more open-minded ones, due to decisions based on misinformation. Societal expectations are another rant, so I'll concentrate on misinformation. Quite simply, it is a myth that breasts inherently need support. Many people do not realise that in the past, one of the reasons that women wore corsets and similar garments was because it was widely believed that the female figure was not capable of supporting itself. Ask most people today, and they will be amazed how anyone could believe such rubbish - without stopping to realise that such rubbish is still being propagated today. Women once roamed without the need for a bra, and hopefully one day we will realise that they do not need one day. Some may disagree with this, citing discomfort if they perform activities without the aid of a bra. This argument is flawed, as the breasts have become used to being continually supported - the ligaments supporting them may even experience some form of atrophy. If one was to support another part of their body in a similar fashion of equivalent time, they would find that part too a problem with support removed. The other argument I can think of right now is women with very large breasts, back problems, or something else of that ilk. In this case, they are of course completely correct. There are many cases in both men and women when nature bites of a little more than it can chew. In such instances, completely bra and breast unspecific, measures should be taken to promote quality of life. For those too lazy to read all of the above, and to summarise, I can find no reason why women "need" to wear bras. Should societal expectations and misinformation be removed from the equation, there are of course reasons a woman may choose to wear bra - and that is her choice, no different from her deciding to wear any other particular garment of clothing. As I said in the beginning, I have nothing against bras themselves. The issue I have is with societal expectations and misinformation, which is causing generations of physically deformed women, subject to unnecessary restraints, discomfort and pain.

Says Kathleen(email)

I am 55 and wear a 42 DDD. I am very glad to have found your website. Today (a non work day for me) I am going to proudly venture out sans bra. So glad I found this website. More later definately!

Says Deetta (email)

Oh my Goodness. I hate bras to! It seems after my 30s bras have become terribly uncomfortable..especially underneath my breasts, and around my back..they never stay put! Has anyone watched the Oprah Show? The one where they tell women they are wearing the wrong size bra? They end up telling you you need a smaller band size! Then you need to go up in cup size. I tried this... Instead of fitting into my usual 36 A or nearly B, I was able to fit into a 34 C! BUT, here is the big BUTT, It was killer uncomfortable...Who wants to be squeezed that tight all day long? I'm already uncomfortable..it only made it 10 times worse. Of course on the program they talked about how much better your breasts look when they are pushed up and out so. I agreed they do look better that was.. But I'm not willing to do that. I am still on my quest for a soft stay put bra..will I ever find one? Probably not. I'm ruined from years of wearing a bra...could I get use to letting them hang free? How long does it take? Probably a day or two..... I think I'll name my boobs also.. How do you like these names... Itchy and Scratchy.....:)

Says Anonymous

They are SOOOO uncomfortable!! IT is a hastle to put on the pull-ons without them curling up and you can see them through your shirt!!

Says Carol(email)

I'll be 51 soon and have been uncomfortable wearing bras for 40 years. A 20 year professional career demanded it, but I'm retired and gave up bras last week. My story is very similar to many on this site. I'm small breasted, dispise bra shopping and have never found a really comfortable one in 40 years! I even tried the "getting properly fitted" route. I must confess that I've become very anxious with my recent decision, absolutely no one in my inner circle would ever consider going braless. I've searched the Internet looking for support and feel very blessed to have stumbled upon this place. You all have given me just what I needed, and I cannot thank you enough! I also have MS, so anything which can increase comfort and decrease stress is a winner with me. I swim laps regularly and do yoga, so maybe I can keep my muscle tone. One last confession, I've gone a little nuts buying pretty camisoles (no shelf bra), but was worried that I made the wrong choice. Thanks to all of you, I plan to wear my pretty camis and enjoy every moment. Again, THANK YOU ALL!

Says Rontomassi(email)

I hate wearing bras for several reasons: They are uncomfortable, expensive, and serve no medical benefit. I enjoy being bra free as I enjoy the way my breasts bounce and sway when I am walking. I feel natural, not to mention I enjoy the attention I receive, not only from my husband, but other men as well. If my husband could have his way, he would have bras banned from stores. Unfortunately some jobs make it hard on a girl not wearing a bra, but they should be concentrating on my work product and not my breasts.

Says Kathy (email)

I am 67 yrs old. I gave up wearing bras in 1976. I was a 34 B cup. Since then......I have gone to work braless,church braless,family functions braless..and so on. In fact....i dont even own one. My girls are alittle saggy and thats fine with me. I have very large areolas.so i have to watch what kind of top i wear. Every once in awhile.......i wear a white or a yellow top....just to see if i can still turn some mens heads.........and they [nipples] still do. You women out there that are affaird to go braless.........try it for a few weeks...and you will NEVER wear one again......

Says Saramia (email)

Most bras are made of materials that irritate sensitive skin. My breasts are constantly hot and itchy from wearing bras, and I\'ve tried many different kinds. I get rashes from the band around my chest and my nipples get chafed and irritated. I HATE HATE HATE them. One of my favorite moments of the day is getting home and taking that miserable thing off. I have large breasts, though, and it's very obvious when I\'m not wearing a bra. What is the option? I'm ready to just get tight undershirts and give up on the torture device altogether!

Says SNJ (email)

You can spend $5 or you can spend $105, they suck! They ride up, they fall down, they constrict, or they're not tight enough, they cut under your boobs, under your arms, on your shoulders, your back, argh!!!!! I'm starting to look like I have a nervous tic because all I do is twist to get the darn thing to straighten out! Tank tops with shelfs, super expensive built to order, sports bras, underwire, nothing works. Unfortunately I have a rack that I HATE and at this point I\'m so frustrated I'd be willing to just tape them up with duct tape and never ever take it off!!!!

Says Lisa (email)

It feels so unnatural. It's a good day when it's a no bra day. And lately it's becoming everyday!

Says Anonymous (email)

They made my breasts sag. I really am not kidding. I never wore bras - initially I didn't wear them because I was small breasted and didn't really need them. Then I got a little larger and wore crop-tops, which I felt were fine - they prevented nipples showing (which I dont mind, but some men seem to be unable not to stare, which pisses me off, but didnt really confine my breasts at all. All good. Then my boyfriend suggested I wear a bra, and show off my breasts. I am not bothered much about showing off my boobs, obliged, since he apparently liked them in a bra and it didn't really make much odds to me. A year on, and they look really different. I am an athletic woman with good muscle tone - no problems with weight and small-breasted. Should be no breast sag right? Wrong. They have sagged, and moved further apart. The ligaments in them, having done no work for the past year, have atrophied, and are no longer holding them up apparently. Needless to say I am pissed off - with my boyfriend for wanting me to wear them (although I love him to bits and I know he didn't suggest it with any malicious intent), with myself for complying, (when deep down I knew it was stupid), with the bra manufacturers (but hey, whats new, I am pissed off with every company I ever encountered for trying to sell me things I dont need and putting profit above the health and sanity of the worlds population), and pissed off with this mysoginistic world that makes women feel they need to wear bras and have the tits of a 15 year old. Dont get me wrong here, I dont want any bodies breasts but mine. I dont want perky, but I want my own healthy, properly shaped, strong healthy breasts.

Now, to add insult to injury, I find that there is evidence that bras can cause cancers through excess heat and improper movement of lymph through breast tissue to remove toxins. With a history of breast cancer in my family, with both my mother and grandmother having had it, you can imagine I am now getting to be a tad more than pissed. I AM ANGRY. So women. Lets think about this for a minute. Would you put on a corset, that binds your waist so tightly that you cannot breath properly, you damage and mis-shape your internal organs so that they cannot function properly, wear it whilst pregnant and put your childs health at risk, because a mysoginistic society told you to do so? I really really hope not. And would a man, put on a restrictive undergarment, so tight that it mis-shaped his testicles and lowered his sperm count, perhaps even increasing his risk of testicular cancer? I sincerely doubt it. Whats more I would NEVER want, or expect, my husband/boyfriend to do so on my behalf. Okay, so the link between breast cancer and bras is not proven. But the link between tobacco and cancer wasn't proven for a long time, but now we know that it is one of the most carcinogous toxins in the world. Whats more, the tobacco industry, intent on selling us more death in a stick, did its best to suppress this information once it was well-evidenced by vast amounts of scientific research. So dont believe what bra manufacturers and conventional medicine and gossip rags tell you. Who cares if in the end bras dont cause cancer - great another thing eliminated from the list so we can find out what does cause it - wouldnt you RATHER NOT TAKE THE RISK????

I think enough of us know, from experinces of freinds and family that cancer is not something we want to go through at any cost - let alone for the sake of something as petty and trivial as fashion. Ditch the bra. Excercise well, eat right, love your breasts for their natural size shape (hey mine were never perfect but they were mine, just how nature intend them, before I messed them up with a bra and did god knows how much damage to them) and above all be proud and confident about being a women, just the way a woman is meant to be (approved by something better than Heat magazine, or looks from dumb-ass men - approved by nature herself). BE FREE. (The good news, by the way, is that after 3 months or so, of not wearing a bra, studies have shown that your breasts ligaments get lots of work and firm up again, so theres hope for returning to our natural shape!)

Says Anonymous (email not revealed)

The only bra I have ever worn in my life was a training bra (size 10A i think it was...) that mum bought me when I was 12... That was 8 years ago... I've never worn a bra since!

Says Anonymous (email not revealed)

It makes me burp. I am NOT kidding. They give me wierd gas. I have a bra handicap.

Says Anonymous (email not revealed)

I'm sure most of you all know that wearing a bra has been linked to breast cancer according to some studies. I'm not sure if its 100% true but to be on the safe side wouldn't you rather not risk your health for the sake of trying to make your boobs look perkier and bigger. I do wear a bra because i feel more secure going out with one on but as soon I enter my home, the first thing I do is remove that terrible thing and wear some loose and confortable clothes. I say those girls with less baggage are luckier since their breast are less saggy and easier to handle.

Says Emily Bullock (email)

They are so freaking uncomfortable! To the woman who named her breasts, I did too. Mine are Betty & Veronica. They are such a huge part of my life I figured they needed names. I wear a 38D, I think. It's so irritating to buy these things because each brand is different, so the sizes are different and the way they fit is different. I can't stand bra shopping, it takes too much time and I don't want to spend that much money for something I hate wearing. I don't mind all cotton sports bras when I am active, but every day I go to work and am uncomfortable! I wish I lived in a society where I didn't have to be looked at funny if I didn't wear one... Who created these things anyway? It's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels this way!

Says Kagome (email)

They are uncomfortable. I don't get why my mom says bras are more comfortable to wear than undershirts. They are so tight and my nipples some times itch when im wearing them

Says Anonymous (email not revealed)

I'm 34 and haven't worn a bra since I was 15 and that was just trying one on and I hated it so my mom never made me wear one. Never even owned one. I've lived in Belize all my life on the beach (born in Miami) and never had a job so I've never had a reason to worry about a bra. No one really cares down here and everyone is used to seeing me braless. My dad owns a real estate development business here and my husband works for him. We travel around the Caribbean alot so I wear very few clothes much less a bra! I'm just a relaxed, free spirit I guess. Underwear and shoes are something my husband just doesn't have to spend money on for me! I honestly can't remember the last time I wasn't barefoot. I think I own a pair of flip flops but haven't seen them in a long time! I understand that some women feel that going without a bra is tacky or slutty but I could care less! For me it's cute and comforable.

Says Diannazar (email)

I hate bras because I am small chested and except for my nipples showing through, really don't need one. My breast have sagged a bit since I was younger, but I like large comfortable tops so I don't have to wear one at home. As soon as I can get home, I take mine off. Why do some women wear one to bed? That has always seemed like torture to me because I want to be comfortable and I don't know too many women who really enjoy the feeling of elastic around their middle and straps on their shoulder. A close friend of mine had her breast enhanced and looks very sexy but very uncomfortable. She loves it even after the pain of the recovery period which was terrible. I can always wear a push up or padded sports bra and look just like her but I don't because I would be fooling no-one. Anyway, I hate bras and the man who made them popular!

Says Anonymous (email not revealed)

They are uncomfortable and expensive. I LOVE the freedom.The day I graduated high school was the last day I ever had a bra on for any reason. That was 30 years ago. When I got married mother tried to get me to wear one. She lost the battle. I have breastfed 3 sons pretty much non-stop for 6 yrs. Was blessed with not getting "deflated" and my breasts are still firm. They actually look better than some of my younger friends. I wear what I want and my husband has always been fine with it.So, since June 1977 I have not purchased one bra for myself.

Says Stacey ( email)

I hate bras because I am plus size they hurt my neck and shoulders trying to hold them up. My Mom had breast cancer twice and she died from it. Though I hate wearing bras, I feel embarassed with out one in public.

Says Anonymous ( email)

They are super-confining and tight. They make my boobs super-sweaty and sticky! I hate it! They squeeze my chest and leave nasty red marks on my skin. Finally, no matter how much I adjust the stupid straps... they always keep slipping down! They are torture mechanisms. Bras are teh icky

Says Anonymous (email: Not revealed)

They're expensive, a pain in the ass to buy, and uncomfortable to wear. I\'m a 32B, and I like wearing tank tops and halter tops and stuff in warm weather, and I see absolutely no need to wear a bra underneath them. They stretch out easily, they're confining and sweaty, and cause red chafing marks. Personally, I like my tits bobbing free!

Says Anonymous ( email)

I am 27 years old and I've never worn a bra in my life. My mother never worn one and she never let me wear one. My breasts are healthy and big. I see no reason to ever wear a bra

says Anonymous ( email)

Bras are a known carcinogen of the breasts. We need to revolt and tell the world bras are killing women and that breasts are no longer sex objects or pornography. Breasts are anatural part of a woman\'s body, and need to be given the freeedom they richely deserve-aka topfreedom, brafreedom !! WHO IS WITH ME?

says Jill ( email)

I dont wear bras because there not needed I am around a 44-48 DD/DDD dont really know for sure because I have been braless for 20+ years. my right side is a cup size bigger I have huge dark brown areolas and 1/2 thick pierced nipples. They sag a bit and I can hide em or show em off. If they offend you to bad

says Chuck ( email)

They "bend" the skeleton as the woman ages. EX: take a popcicle stick. Lay it crossways on one of your fingers like a cross. Take a rubber band, loop it around the stick and over your finger until you can't do it anymore.(so the stick is attached to your finger.) notice what happens to the stick and your finger. This is the EXACT thing that is happening to a woman's body from wearing bra too tight for too many years. The stick is the skeleton. The rubber band is the bra. The indentations in your finger is the grooves made by bras.Notice the bend in the popcicle stick. Get the picture NOW?

says Anderia ( Not Given)

Society expects us to wear one! I am about to quit bras for good!

says Erin ( email)

They make my back hurt when all I am is a 36 B. They suck!

Says Lisa Hayes, ( email),

I have had breasts since I was nine years old. I woke up one morning and there they were. It was at that time that I got my first bra. It wasnít a training bra, it wasnít lacy, and it certainly wasnít mean to be worn by nine-year old girl only wanted to play basketball!

Fast forward twenty-five years. I am getting ready to turn 34 and I still donít understand the concept behind my breasts and needing to wear a bra. I was never able to breastfeed so in my opinion my breasts donít serve much of a purpose other than to annoy me.

Donít get me wrong, Iíll wear a bra, but only for as long as I need to. The moment I walk into the house the first thing I do is take off my bra. I would rather let my size 40 DDD chest hang down than have ĎThelma and Louiseí restricted and tied up in a Ďharness.í

I am truly a woman of comfort. I donít like to wear anything that restricts me, especially something that contains wires. I am forced to wear a bra with a wire, for added support, but that doesnít mean I enjoy it.

In case you were wondering, yes, Iíve named my breasts. The left one is Thelma and the right one is Louise.

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