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Going Braless - A Husband's Viewpoint

When I first met my wife, she was an insecure woman, who kept herself covered up most of the time, at home and outdoors. She had been in a relationship with a guy who had insulted her daily, telling her she was "too fat" to wear revealing clothes, and that "only sluts go braless, or topless'. She was then and still is , a looker, at 5 feet 5 inches tall,36c/d cup, size 2 or 3, long auburn hair. Enter me into her life.

In less than 2 months of dating, I had her ego back where it should be, and reminded her that with killer breasts like she has, she should show them off, and stay braless as much as possible. To add to my arguement, was a study that had been made public that a bra causes a woman to be in an unnatural state, and has shown NO positive effects of healthy breasts. Armed with that and my encouraging her, she began going to work without her bra, saying how natual and free she felt. Next came the bathing piece look a like from the 1950's had to go.

In no time, she had her confidence to wear a thong, and be topless. Enjoying her freedom, my wife began as most women should be doing, to question wjhy women cannot be topfree where men can. As she stated so well, European and South American women have for all time, been topless where ever men are, and there are no social upheavels or chaos in the streets as a result of it. So why not here?

At beaches, on vacation, in our yard, she is topless whenever I am or the weather is too hot. I support on this, as why should she suffer from the heat with a bra or a top, when I don/t have to? Breasts are glands, not an organ, according to Florida law. So topless and braless she goes.

As her husband, and a normal male, I cannot tell you how pleasing it is for me to see her bounce when we go out and she is braless. At times, she will even wear a light colored shirt, and her nipples are as a plain as day. So what? As a guy, I enjoy looking, as do others. Their stares are a compliment to both she and I. Church, shopping, food shopping, eating out, where ever we go, even at work most days, she is braless. Her breasts,as she describes it, are her own, and she needs not to feel the irritation and skin reaction she gets from wearing her bra. Nor will she allow ANYONE to tell her EVER again, what she can and cannot do with her body. We both believe, and firmly, that there is a double standard even today, in Florida, and America as a whole. We claim equality for women, want them to run for office, manager jobs, etc, but they cannot remove their bras for the work place may be horrified, or remove her top where a man can, because of harrassment from the law.

Sure men stare at her, and so do women. Let them. Small minds can't seem to grasp what we are saying here. And bras, are more of a harness to hold women back to the old days, as opposed to being a good thing for them. Some women may say that their breasts sag without a bra. Yes, so? A breast is a thing of beauty, whether it sags or not. As for my wife, she just keeps on smiling, working, and living her life...without her bra.

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Recommended Traditional Bra Alternative(s) of the Month - ZeeBraz by Therese Legere: