This is just a fun website dedicated to help women voice their opinion about the 'bra'. We are not against bras but just found it amusing that there are a lot of women out there who hate wearing bras and wanted to make a site listing their opinions. Just some food for thought.

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Reasons Given By Our Visitors On Why They Hate TRADITIONAL Bras - Top 8 Comments

According to singinggirl,

hate brasI hate bras because I can't find a comfortable bra! Ugh! The band around the middle feels uncomfortable because I don't like anything tight, and if I dare eat anything, it gets tighter. Starving to death because of my bra is a real bummer! If the band is loser, things fall out, if you know what I mean, or the band rides up my back and feels awful. Some bras itch. Some bras tickle my spine.

The bigger ones that hook in the front or the undershirts with cups are too hot when it's warm, or the straps are too wide and show; the undershirts add an extra layer under my top, making me look thicker than I am. I hate looking thick! I like tie in the front sweaters to wear instead of a bra, but nobody thought to make tie in the front cool stuff (that I know of, anyway). The tunic tops don't hold them in. All of the sudden, bloop! There it is. Even a tie in the back tunic top would be nice, but where are they??

I'm thin and petite, so it's not as if I have monsters to coral. You'd think someone would make a confortable gismo to hold those things in place. Anyone know where I can find something comfy and cool for a sensitive body??? Yipes! Here it goes! I'm telling the world??? lol Well I suppose law of averages says someone out there will know of a comfy non-harness. I've tried NOT telling the world, and it didn't work... So here goes...

According to Andi Moore ,

I did order the Sassybax and like it except that you have to wear the "headlight covers" and it goes too far under the arms, so it feels like it's cutting me under my arms - it is not tight, but I'm just not used to having a bra go that far over under my arms. I guess it's supposed to hold in that front of the underarm bulge???

I have bought so many bras...and hate them all. They slide up on me and I am constantly pulling them down in the front and the hooks and areas around the hooks scratch my back. Does anyone make a "cover" for the hook area? I have a brand new $60 bra on right now and the seam near the hooks is killing me!!

According to Melissa ,

Of the fact that I wear a bra, even though I cannot stand wearing a bra. I hate them because society has determined that going braless is unacceptable in certain situations. I'm only a 34B, so I really do not NEED a bra. In fact, the only time I wear a bra is to work, and that's really not for the support mine stand up perky on their own. It's to hide my nipples. How sad is that where nipples are considered taboo??? If I did not have a perky nipple issue, I would not even bother to own one single bra in my drawer.

According to Lulu ,

I hate them because they say breasts need to be supported, high, hard... this is unnatural and real women have breasts that move around and sometimes flop in different directions. I used to get very sore breasts from PMS and after getting rid of my bras (B cup, in case anyone wondered), I've found that the soreness has gone down drastically. If you want to go braless without showing your nipples through, buy a bikini top, take out the foam inserts, and put them in your camisole. works like a charm, and soooo comfy.

According to Wykina ,

I could never find one that could keep my breast from sagging so bad...until someome introduce me about Jeunique's custom fit bras. The reasons they listed above for Why Wearing Bras is Bad for you are most of the reasons I hated buying bras from department stores. Department Stores fitted me in what the had (40DD) when I'm really a 34K. Jeunique's Custom Bras changed my life.

According to Sandra ,

I'm small, lopsided (like everyone apparently), and they make me unconsciously tense my shoulder and neck muscles all day long leaving me in extreme pain by the end of one day. They ride up, they are itchy, they irritate my nipples, noone makes bras for tall people with 'long torsos' and therefore have a longer distance from the shoulder to the bra-line so all of my much-hated bras have the strap extended to the longest length which is still not long enough so a deep groove is always excavated into my shoulders and I feel like my boobs are jacked up around my eyeballs and yes - just like Melissa - the ONLY reason I EVER wear a bra is to hide the nips! I LOVE winter 'cause I can get away without wearing one under all of those frumpy sweaters that make my torso look 3 times wider than it really is. I even went so far as to buy pasties to see if they would solve the nip-show problem! No luck so far. My only comfy alternative is adjustable spaghetti strap tanks with built in 'bralettes' (not the underwise ones) and my fav uni-boob gym bras that ride up the least, accommodate both sides regardless of which one is bigger or smaller, and are designed to breath and wick sweat away from your skin. And who the heck has boobs under their armpits anyway?! I hate bras that have half of the cup up under your armpit and then barely even cover you in front 'cause they're more about the cleavage and less about the support/coverage. Newsflash fasion industry - the boobs are IN FRONT!

According to Pearl ,

I absolutely HATE bras! Just like every other woman on here, I think their way too restricting. I'm only 15 and I'm in a 40DD. I used to hate my breasts because I'm a shy person, I don't talk much, and having such large bosoms made me feel immoral. But a few years ago I asked myself why they made me feel that way. I realized that's the way the modern world makes breats appear, they're a sex symbol. Now I'm proud of my breats, their size, and like some other women on here, I've even named them, Victoria and Alice :) I would absolutely LOVE to go out into public with no bra. But like I said earlier.. I'm way too shy of a person. I'd hate getting even MORE attention from men who think I'm 15 years older than I really am. Yes, men in their 30's whistle at me, and 'compliment' me on my breasts. Everytime they do I feel so disgusting. I get so frustrated and just want to literally slice my breasts off. But now I can finally get over comments from pervs, and I have decided to go bra-less. If I don't like it I can always go back. But seeing this website, and all the rebellious women on here, I've been inspired to chunk the bras and live without discomfort!

According to Bobbie,

Try this: In each of these stories, in your mind, every time you come to the word 'bra,' replace it with the word Burka. Not sure if I spelled it correctly. Reasons why a woman should wear a bra are as unsubstantiated as reasons male babies should have their penis mutilated at birth (circumcision). Bras are just downright uncomfortable, and with a chronic pain condition, they become downright unbearable! Look at all the stupid assumptions given regarding a bra-less woman: "loose morals," "slutty," "she let herself go," "repulsiveness to hanging boobs," and on it goes. Wouldn't it be interesting to find out that bras contributed to breast cancer? And in this day and age, can you believe that employers can actually fire a woman for not wearing a bra? Ugh! Beem me up Scottie!!

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